INTRO: Bringing the fitnut ethos into the now.

My passion for the past 2 decades of my life has been nutrition, the study of food.  Not on a scientific, molecular study of the biological, physical and chemical make up of food, no, a more real simple approach. More about the effect food has on us. On our body - Physically and mentally. In particular, I have been focusing my energy on inspiring children to live a healthier life, in tune with their own body.  I believe all children deserve a natural, varied and balanced diet and I created the fitnut program to teach kids the benefits of fruits and vegetables in a fun way and to help them make the connection between what they eat and how they feel.  I want them to take ownership of that power, to make informed choices for themselves and to know that these choices will continue to affect them, in the now and in their future.

Since moving back to the UK having left in 1998, I am finding the messages offered not only to children but to adults to often be confusing and conflicting.  So, it has struck me that I should be sharing simple easy to understand messages to adults too as we all need a clear and consistent reminder to keep us on track.  I began by showing my parents (and others - but lets use my parents as the example here as they are unlikely to see this :)) the ‘Fitnut Superstars’ book. Designed for schools as a resource to teach the benefits of fruits and vegetables to children in such a way as to keep them engaged and to optimise learning.  

This worked on my mother.  Totally distracted her from facebook for 2 full hours, completely engaged (this is highly unusual) only muttering the odd ‘is that so’, i didn’t know that’ or ‘i need to eat more of this or that’.  And she did. I even heard her recommending food to her friends to help them with their ailments! So, the book had the same positive effect on a 70 year old that it had on 7 year olds!  

All this confirms to me that while I have helped tweak the menu for the now to improve the health benefits of the foods, I need to share why the food on our menu is good and what it is doing for your body.  I don't have oodles of time on my hands having just opened the business but I definitely think it will be time well spent to really share the healthy word within the community.  

So in true fitnut style, I would like to share the benefits of some of the recipes our fabulous chef Kenny has put together.  While Kenny cooks for taste, I cook for health and marrying the 2 together has turned our menu into something really special and certainly worth shouting about.  Almost everything in the now is cooked from scratch (our moo-less burgers and cluckless nuggets are from the lovely boys at daring foods). They do the science part very well and we dress their stuff up with rainbows of fruits and vegetables.

Outwith that, its as real as it gets.

And that’s how our diets should be, mostly real food - sometimes supplemented by the odd convenience.  It’s 2020 folks, the time is now for plant based, vegan, vegetarian, healthy eating. Save ourselves and save the planet one meat free meal at a time.